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@groTrends November Edition

Welcome to the November edition of the VDL Agrotech @grotrends newsletter! The highlights in this edition are: The Dealer Event 2015 and the opening of the brand new sustainable broiler house concept the Windstreek.

 Dealer Event 2015

VDL Agrotech looks back at a very successful global dealer event which was held from 8-11th November. In total 62 distributors attended the event which consisted of a good mix of product presentations and trainings, farm & factory visits and social activities for informal networking.

 Product training at VDL Agrotech.” width=
Product training at VDL Agrotech.


Special guest speaker Mr. Henk Steenblik from Aviagen gave a presentation informing our audience about their approach to the market for slow growing broilers , for which they offer strains such as the Ross – Ranger and Rowan – Ranger.

 Stadium tour.” width=
Stadium tour.


In the evening there was an exclusive tour in the Philips stadium in Eindhoven. All restricted places were included in the tour which gave a good impression of the circumstances where football professionals perform their skills.

Farm visit.” width=
Farm visit.


Two farm visits where scheduled, the group visited a parent stock farm on Monday and the revolutionary new Windstreek broiler house on Tuesday. Impressions of both visits were digitally stored on pads and smartphones.

 Introduction Windstreek & BrooDy.” width=
Introduction Windstreek & BrooDy.


VDL introduced the Windstreek concept with the new BrooDy, a microclimate system which operates with only 15% energy consumption compared to a regular broiler house. The house is equipped with the Valenta pan feeder and the Rotra scratch feeder system.

 Group photo at VDL.” width=
Group photo at VDL.


After two busy days all participants expressed their satisfaction and asked with keen interest when the next edition will be organised.


The official opening of the first Windstreek broiler house was on November 12th, in Raalte the Netherlands. Proud owners Robert & Renate Nijkamp, invited a selected group of poultry professionals to attend the ceremony.

 Openings toast.
Openings toast.

The integrated sustainable house design is a result of a joint effort of several consortium members such as Plukon food group, Wageningen University, Sommen Automation, Circular Landscapes, Nijkamp and VDL Agrotech.

 Special building design.
Special building design.

From a distance the broiler house (24x95 meter) is a real eye catcher. The concave roof shape and open façade gives access to day light. The design has also functional aspects for the natural ventilation pattern, there are no fans installed! The inlets, outlets and sliding side windows are all automatically and accurately operated by the climate computer.

 BrooDy micro climate.
BrooDy micro climate.

VDL designed the unique BrooDy system specially for the first 3 weeks. Besides a comfortable micro climate also feed, water and light are integrated. The concept simulates the natural behaviour of a broody hen and covers all the needs of the young birds. The electric heating is integrated in the construction. Total energy consumption will be only 15% compared to a regular house.


The BrooDy is a modular system and can be easily winched up for cleaning or inspection. The innovative system is patented.


Plukon Windstreek Movie

Our partners of Plukon have made a film regarding the opening of the Windstreek Project. The film is unfortunately in Dutch but gives a perfect chance to look inside the innovative broiler house.

Windstreek Movie


Click here to see the movie.


11 December 2015
Public Opening Windstreek
Nieuwe Deventerweg 26, Raalte - The Netherlands.

From 15 to 17 February 2015
VIV MEA 2016
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi, in co-location with GFIA 2016. Stand B049.

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