AgroTrends October Edition - No. 17 2017

Welcome to the October edition of the VDL Agrotech Agrotrends newsletter! We are pleased to share with you some of the latest developments and activities. The highlights of this edition are the opening of a broiler breeder complex in Kaisiadorys, Lithuania and a seminar about Pig farm development strategies sponsored by VDL Agrotech.

Project in Lithuania

On the 7th of September 2017 Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas (member of Kauno Grudai Group - Lithuania) celebrated the inauguration of their new broiler breeder complex in Kaisiadorys.

VDL Agrotech

This complex can be considered one of the most modern of its kind in Europe, and is absolutely unique in the Baltic States. It was built in accordance to the latest breeding standards, and is equipped with the latest technological developments such as computer controlled automatic feeding with daily tube winching, the Matrix male feeding system and automatic separate flushing of the drinking lines.

VDL Agrotech

The complex with its 5 houses, central feed kitchen, administrative unit and central egg collection area provides place for 60.000 broiler breeders.

VDL Agrotech

To show appreciation for the trust KG-Group gave in VDL Agrotech as partner, a huge chicken to be placed at the entrance of the complex was donated.

Seminar “Pigfarm development strategies

VDL Agrotech sponsored the seminar ‘pig farm development’ which was held on September 26th in the historical CHV Feedmill plant (1915). Recently it has been renovated and is now is use as a multifunctional cultural complex. The theme was “pigfarm development” and approximately 210 Dutch pig farmers attended the seminar.

Pig Farm Development

Especially now that prices for piglets and pork meat are on an acceptable level, it is important to decide your personal strategy for further farm development. Practical examples from 2 complete different farm setups and presentations from bankers, consultants and feed & genetic suppliers showed that there is not one best strategy. Many ways can lead to success however vision, strategy and management skills are a must for modern farming.

Pigfarm development strategies

VDL Agrotech presented her pig equipment range. There was a lot of interest in the RescueCare cup feeding system. The system supplies automatically 24/7 ad libitum fresh milk replacer and liquid pre-starter in every farrowing pen.

Rescue Care

The advantage is the ability for farmers to rear larger litters without the need for foster sows, enhancing piglet’s growth and health, enabling the farmer to have up to 30% less low weight class pigs. Trials have shown that using the RescueCare cup system improves litter weaning weights by over 0.5 kg. As a result, piglet performance is also increased over the nursery period. The RescueCare system substantially improves sow productivity through heavier and healthier piglets, as well as more productive sows, thus resulting in higher sow herd profitability.

Upcoming Exhibitions

From 18 to 20 October
Ildex Indonesia 2017
Jakarta, Indonesia.
Stand K3.

From 1 to 3 November
AgroWorld 2017
Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Stand 11-210.

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