AgroTrends September Edition - No. 23 2018

Welcome to the September edition of the VDL Agrotech AgroTrends newsletter! We are pleased to share with you some of the latest news and activities.


New offices

In January 2017, the construction of the extension of the VDL head office started. The first phase has just been completed and on September 10th VDL Agrotech moved into the new offices. The second phase is scheduled to be completed by June 2019. The growth of the VDL Group which now consists of 100 companies in combination with the modern architecture expresses the strength and drive the VDL Group is known for.

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Enclosed picture shows the new complex, when second phase is completed. We are very pleased with our new and inspiring work and we welcome you to visit us.

See here the end result here:

Delegation from Kenya

On Thursday September 13 we had the privilege of hosting a special visit of an important delegation from Kenya. Members of this delegation hold high political positions in the government of Kenya, coming from the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya His Excellency Mr. William Ruto.

The visit was part of a trade mission to call upon and connect to Dutch business partners in the poultry industry. In At this moment a farm of 50,000 laying hens is being built The intention is to expand to 1,000,000 birds ( broilers and layers combined ).  Also a hatchery and feed mill is planned.

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From left to right: Security Officer to H.E. Mrs. Ruto; Mr. Samuel Kiprod Maiyo, Operations Officer ODP, responsible for the poultry company; Mr. Kevin Michellys, Area Manager VDL Agrotech; Her Excellency Mrs. Rachel Ruto, wife of Deputy President His Excellency Mr. William Ruto; Mr. Marouan Assakkali, Sales Coordinator VDL Agrotech and Mr. Hans Mollen, owner of Green City International Ltd, located in Kenia and ME City BV, located in the Netherlands.

The visit was a good opportunity to present the latest innovations and introduce the delegation to the modern livestock keeping in Holland.

PoulDry project in Mayotte

One of our latest PoulDry projects was installed on the island Mayotte in the Indian Ocean. In this tropical climate we supplied a Manure Drying Tunnel 6L-30M (6 layers of each 30 meter long and 2 meter wide) used for central drying of poultry manure.

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In the first phase we dry the manure from one rearing house and three layer houses, in total 60.000 birds.

The project will be extended to 100.000 birds in phase two.

Mounting the conveyer belts to supply all the manure from the houses to the drying tunnel was challenging , as the houses are built on different levels and the terrain is situated in a mountain area.

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Outside air (with additional heating when required) is forced through the perforated drying plates by creating under pressure. Once dried up to >80% the dry manure is transferred to a storage bunker in the drier building.

For more information about Drying Technology, visit our website:

Upcoming Exhibitions

From 4 to 6 October
AgriLink 2018
Manila, Philippines.
Stand 181, 182, 185 & 186

From 8 to 11 October

Stand 23, Pavilion A

From 25 to 27 October
Agrena 2018
Cairo, Egypt.
Stand B1D, Hall 4

From 31 October to 2 November
AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2018
Stand 10-596

From 8 to 11 November
EuroTier 2018
Stand F35, Hall 17

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