AgroTrends December Edition - No. 24 2018

Welcome to the December edition of the VDL Agrotech Agrotrends newsletter! We are pleased to share with you some of the latest news and activities. The highlights of this edition are: Flashback of 2018, Review Eurotier 2018, a layer project in Armenia and a broiler project in Switzerland.

Flashback 2018

We are getting close to yet another year’s end, 2019 is just a few weeks away.

Looking back at 2018 we experienced a good year, with the usual challenges and opportunities. With the introduction of new products and expansion of our salesforce we managed to achieve a successful 2018 and are ready to take on 2019 in good spirit and high confidence. All this we couldn't achieve without the appreciated co-operation with all our customers. For this we would like to express to you our sincere thanks, and we look forward to continuing this co-operation in 2019 and onwards. For now we wish you a very Merry X-Mas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2019. Enjoy the short break with your loved ones the coming week. We welcome you again on January 2nd for a fresh start of the New Year.

Brian van Hooff

EuroTier 2018

During the Eurotier Show 2018 in November in Hanover, Germany, VDL Agrotech showcased Pig Systems and Drying Technology. On display regarding Pig Equipment were the VDL500/600 circular tube feeding system, the new Corner Drive unit and innovations for the RescueCare™ system for Piglets.

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The new compact Corner Drive Unit VDL500/600 is especially designed for shorter tube feeding circuits. The attractive price and the advantage of leaving out one corner per circuit makes the unit a smart alternative in the shorter circuits. The full stainless steel drive unit reflects the same high quality as the well-known VDL500/600 drive unit. When mounted at the end of the circuit, the end sensor in the drive unit has the additional advantage that return feed is immediately detected.

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The RescueCare™ automated feeding system for piglets is a proven solution that allows pig farmers to meet the piglets feed requirements up to weaning. The specialized, automated equipment provides fresh liquid feed 24 hours a day. This enables farmers to raise heavier and more uniform litters and piglets that are well prepared for weaning, with limited labour involved. VDL Agrotech showed its new developments such as an automated cleaning module, a new 100 liter mixer tank and a new selection panel that were all very well received. The displayed pink cups attracted a lot of attention and Claudia Weick (Sales Manager RescueCare) was continually demonstrating and explaining the system’s ins and outs.

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VDL Agrotech’s PoulDry® Drying System is originally designed to dry poultry manure, offering valuable reductions in issues like ammonia emissions, fine dust emission (by 55%), shipping volume and costs, and the dispersal of flies and other insects. Apart from drying manure, the system is perfectly suited to dry substances like digestate, potato wedges or woodchips in biogas and industrial environments. The system can also be used stand-alone in a central manure storage facility, e.g. in climates where ambient air is sufficiently warm to use. Jeroen Duynisveld (Sales Manager PoulDry): Even with less focus on poultry at this years Eurotier, the visitors showed great interest in our technology to dry poultry manure.

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We see great opportunities ahead. For all contacts that visited us during the show, thank you for your visit! If you missed the opportunity this year, we hope to welcome you on other shows in the near future!

Layer project in Armenia

Since more than 15 years, VDL Agrotech joined forces with the HTS Group in the Armenian market for the sales of her poultry and pig projects. Last year VDL Agrotech equipped 3 Bio Layer houses at the Stephanavan Farm in the Lori Provence of Armenia. Bio Layer farms are rare in Armenia but farm manager Mr. Vahagn Shahinyan successfully started a new business in his own market.

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The bio layer houses are built in renovated concrete buildings from the former Soviet Union era. There will be in total 4 compartments with different groups of Bio Layer chickens. Almost all table eggs in Armenia are produced in cage systems. At the Stephanavan Farm, the layers are free to move around, have more space in the houses and consume only biological feed.

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To convince customers to choose bio table eggs rather than the traditional “cageâ
ť eggs, the Stephanavan farm created a box with 5 traditional eggs and 1 bio egg so customers can taste the difference. And with success, because the Stephanavan farm is selling more and more bio eggs these days. The bio egg consumption in the Armenian market is slowly increasing and VDL Agrotech is proud to be part of this development.

Broiler project in Switzerland

On November 30th 2018, a new broiler house in Switzerland was officially inaugurated. The concept of this broiler house has been developed in close co-operation with our dealer Tool Systems, who took on the total project realisation and installation. Unique in this concept is the integration of a DLG certified combi-air scrubber.

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To overcome the high pressure drop caused by the air scrubber, the house has been equipped with high-pressure fans which perform well up to 150 Pa under pressure.

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The heating system design is a combination of hot water heaters and floor heating, which are both connected to a wood chip furnace where return water is heated. All systems are controlled with the Fortica touch-screen computer, fully built in with all slave units and alarm system in a central control panel.

Upcoming Exhibitions in 2019

From 13 to 15 March
VIV Asia 2019
Stand H098.3840.

From 13 to 15 March

AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2019
Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Stand D112.

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