AgroTrends February Edition - No. 20 2018

Welcome to the February edition of the VDL Agrotech Agrotrends newsletter! We are pleased to share with you some of the latest news and activities. The highlights in this edition: Broiler project in Iran, PoulDry project in the Netherlands and the symposium Higher pig health in Eindhoven, the Netherlands sponsored by VDL Agrotech.

Broiler project in the Iran

Recently we finished installation and commissioned our newest Broiler Project in the North of Iran, consisting of 14 houses.

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All 14 Broiler Houses are completely equipped with VDL Agrotech floor equipment. For heating a hot water heating system is installed, resulting in zero CO2 emission inside the house.

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For any additional information about this project please contact us via:

PoulDry project in the Netherlands

Exactly 4 years after supplying the first PoulDry drying tunnel to Richard van der Velden from VECO Pluimvee B.V. in Heusden (Asten), The Netherlands, VDL Agrotech recently supplied a second PoulDry drying tunnel.

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This tunnel is installed to dry the manure from 2 layer houses. The tunnel is positioned between the 2 houses and air from both houses is used to dry the manure.

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In 2014, the first PoulDry was delivered to VECO Pluimvee B.V. The 4-tiers tunnel is used to dry layer manure which is then pressed into pellets and sanitized. The manure pellets are exported as a fertilizer.

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For any additional info about this project or about the VDL drying tunnels please contact VDL Agrotech via:

Higher pig health symposium

VDL Agrotech sponsored the symposium ‘Higher pig health’ which was held on January 16th in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. The central theme was ‘Antibiotics 0,0%’ and approximately 100 Dutch pig farmers attended the symposium.

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One of the important subjects discussed was piglet liveability. To reduce the use of anti-biotics it is important to offer the best start possible to the new born piglets. A good start will reduce considerably the need of using antibiotics from the farrowing crate up to the fattener houses.

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Also the dry feeding system with very accurate feed dosing for the farrowing sows contributes to an optimal sow performance.

Check the checklist (only available in Dutch, are you interested in an English version please email:

Upcoming Exhibitions

From 5 to 7 February
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From 20 to 22 June
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