AgroTrends July Edition - No. 26 - 2019

Welcome to the July edition of the VDL Agrotech AgroTrends newsletter! We are pleased to share with you some of the latest news and upcoming events. The summer season has started and most of you will enjoy a summer holiday soon. At VDL Agrotech, due to the summer vacations, we will be working with an adapted workforce and will do our utmost to continue servicing our customers during this period.

Winner Dutch Innovation Award

VDL Groep has won the 2019 Dutch Innovation Award. This award is a recognition of the innovative strength and social impact of our family company. It is a fantastic recognition for our goal to make our world smarter, faster, better and greener with our innovations.

Uzbekistan project: increasing demand for poultry meat

Due to the rapid population growth in Uzbekistan, poultry farmers are encouraged by the local government to invest in the agricultural sector. This has resulted in the installation of a large, modern integrated broiler project in the Samarkand region, with the aim of producing 6 million broilers annually. This project has been fully designed, engineered and is currently being installed by VDL Agrotech.

Based on the required annual capacity of 6 million broilers, the VDL Agrotech engineers have calculated and designed the total project lay out and the required equipment, taking into account the local climate conditions and bio-security. The breeder houses are equipped with the suspended Chainovation female feeding system and Matrix male feeding. All the broiler houses are equipped with the Valenta feed pans. In order to monitor the total project operation, the farm computers are connected to a network system and central computer with remote access.

Turnkey Tan Tai Loc project in Vietnam

In the Soc Trang Province, in the South of Vietnam, VDL Agrotech together with De Heus Animal Nutrition built a turnkey 360 sow project. The project consists of 4 buildings for the gilts, farrowing, mating and gestation.

The total project includes automatic feeding systems, drinking lines, complete climate control and ventilation system, the pens, individual galvanised crates for mating sows, made with swinging back door.

RescueCare in Korea

Our sales manager RescueCare Claudia Weick recently visited Korea to further promote the RescueCare automated feeding system. In the recent years several companies in Korea have installed the RescueCare system in their farms.

RescueCare ensures that every live born piglet has ad-lib access to fresh liquid feed, starting from day one. Research shows that the system gives an increase of 30% in the total delivered kilograms of piglets per sow per year. In addition it saves 5-10% in labour. Interested to learn more, click here to contact Claudia.

Product news

New: Next to galvanised, now available synthetic supports for trough couplers and corners for chain feeding systems.

Benefits of the synthetic support:

  • Made of fiberglass reinforced nylon, which makes it strong and durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Equipped with 2 slots at the bottom for fixation with wire or ty-raps on a slatted floor
  • Provided with 2 holes at the top to connect to suspension system for winched chain feeders 260320367 Support wide, for corners, glass fiber reinforced nylon 260320368 Support small, glass fiber reinforced nylon

Summer holiday closure

During this period the below mentioned timetable will be effective. We kindly request you to take in consideration, that in the given timetable we proceed with an adapted work-force.






Reduced capacity 



Limited capacity 



Limited capacity



Reduced capacity





Upcoming Exhibitions

From 3 to 5 September
DANANG Livestock 2019
Da Nang, Vietnam
Stand 140

From 10 to 13 September

SPACE 2019
Rennes, France
Hall 10, Stand C55

From 18 to 20 September

ILDEX Indonesia 2019
Jakarta, Indonesia
Stand K25

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