AgroTrends October Edition - No. 27  2019

In this October edition we would like to place our Valenta feed pan in the spotlight.



Valenta feed pan: highly appreciated feed pan in the broiler sector

The Valenta feed pan offers several unique advantages, which makes it the preferred feed pan for broiler farmers.


Easy access for broilers from day one, thanks to the low ridge of the pan

Grill-less pan, prevents broilers from getting caught in the feed pan

Easy feed level adjustment  minimal risk of feed spillage

Easy to clean


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New: built-in sensor with LED lighting on Valenta control pan

From now on all our Valenta control pans will be supplied with the new built-in multi-voltage sensor.

Operation and benefits of the new end sensor

White LED light switches on when feed is detected and is switched off when no feed is detected

White LED light shines on the feed herewith stimulating the feed intake from the end pan, so feed lines are switched on regularly to ensure feed pans do not run empty and offer fresh feed to the birds.

The new sensor features a blue LED light on the back

Blue LED light prevents broilers from pecking at the rear of the sensor

Blue LED light is clearly visible to people, not to broilers

New control pan


Control pan Valenta, with sensor VDL-12RTM delay-off + LED


New sensor in control pan


Sensor VDL-12RTM 24-230Vac/dc delay-off 0-10min + LED

Valenta Flow Slider: also easy to apply on existing feeding lines

Over a year ago we introduced the Valenta Flow Slider. The Flow slider allows you to dose approx. 1,5 kg of extra fresh feed in the open feed pans, shortly prior to  day-old chicks arrival.


Simple, easy central operation

Less labour required in the start-up phase

Flexible application. Can be mounted on all pans or alternately, depending on users preference.

Compatible with new and existing Valenta feeding lines

“Feeding in the start-up phase takes less time”

Kees Koolen has been working with full satisfaction with the Valenta Flow Slider since September 2018.

“The Valenta Flow Slider offers me enormous benefits on labour. We no longer need to use chick paper. This saves us almost a day’s work, one hour per house. We save on hiring extra staff in the already busy start-up phase. The other big advantage is that the feed is preserved better, because we can dose the feed just before the broilers hatch in the shed. This has a positive effect on the odour, palatability and moisture content of the feed and the broilers are able to find the feed line immediately”, according Kees Koolen, Poultry Farmer in The Netherlands.

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Latest product news

Feedlevel adjustment button updated on V-compact hoppers:

Hoppers built in


Hopper V-compact left, 50L, pre-assembled


Hopper V-compact right, 50L, pre-assembled


Hopper V-compact left, 25L, pre-assembled


Hopper V-compact right, 25L, pre-assembled


Hopper V-compact-M middle, 70L, pre-assembled


Hoppers suspended


Hopper V-compact-M middle, 70L, pre-assembled, incl. connection set

Inspection hatch FLEX feed intake hopper

An inspection hatch with a diameter of 100 mm has been developed for the universal FLEX feed intake hoppers. This allows easier access to the inside of the feed intake hopper. By loosening the wing bolt the locking bar the ø100mm closing cap can be removed.

 Closing cap is made of LDPE with a stainless steel closing plate

Stainless steel locking bar with quick closure by means of stainless steel wing bolt

Easy access through inspection opening of ø100mm

Weatherproof sealing

The inspection hatch can be ordered with following FLEX systems, at an additional cost of € 20.00


Feed intake hopper Flex60 with inspection hatch


Feed intake hopper "tandem" Flex60 with inspection hatch


Feed intake hopper Flex75 with inspection hatch


Feed intake hopper "tandem" Flex75 with inspection hatch


Feed intake hopper Flex90 with inspection hatch


Feed intake hopper "tandem" Flex90 with inspection hatch


Company closure during the Christmas and New Year period

We wish to inform you to take into account that our office and warehouse will be closed from 23.12.2019 to 03.01.2020 during Christmas and New Year period.

23-12-201903.01.2020: Closed
From 06.01.2020: usual office/warehouse hours

We thank you for your understanding.

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