AgroTrends May Edition - No. 30  2020

The VDL PoulDry is characterized by its high quality and reliability. The machine requires very little maintenance which in combination with its user-friendliness and high performance makes it very efficient.

This animation video shows the unique properties and operation of the PoulDry drying system.


The PoulDry can be used for various product applications:

  • Poultry manure
  • Potato particles
  • Biogas digestate
  • Sewage sludge
  • Wood chips
  • Bread crumbs
  • Other agricultural products


The PoulDry is a modular system:

  • Available in 2, 4 or 6 layers
  • Length up to 47 meters and a drying surface up to 511 m2

Recent manure drying projects in Europe

“Manure drying at height”


Bertus Verbeek, poultry farmer with 110.000 laying hens


“We are very satisfied with the PoulDry. The manure is very dry. The system works automatically, which saves us a lot of time and work. The PoulDry reduces the fine dust and ammonia emissions. We experience substantially less odour and fly nuisance,” according Bertus Verbeek.


Robust and reliable system”


Victor Carton, poultry farmer Flandr’Oeufs with 300.000 laying hens


“The PoulDry is a robust and reliable system. The system processes fresh manure well and the power consumption is lower compared to other systems (manure belt aeration or a PE belt dryer). The quality of the dried manure is excellent and the moisture content is very low,” according Victor Carton.

We would like to present a few of
the unique features of the VDL PoulDry

Loading unit

  • Distributes the product on the dryer
  • Stable unit
  • The guiding wheels are located above the conveyor belt to secure a smooth operation

Powder-coated drying plates

  • 35% Perforated
  • Strong design due to profiled edges
  • Optional available with stainless steel drying plates, ideal for highly corrosive products

Unique rail system

  • No manure accumulation, prevents friction on drying plate guide chain and rails
  • Thanks to this rail system we can go up to 47 meters in length

Forced tilting of the perforated plates

  • Prevents disruptions
  • Increases the reliability
  • Enables the use of both sides of the plates to prevent clogging of the holes


Planetary gearboxes

  • Guarantees a reliable and low maintenance transmission

Central manure drying project
Al Ghadeer in Saudi Arabia

On a project in Saudi Arabia we installed 4 PoulDry dryers to process the manure of 1.200.000 million birds (12 layer houses and 4 rearing layer houses).

The manure from the poultry houses is transported by trucks to the central manure processing plant. A toploader system doses the fresh manure on belt conveyor system that divide the manure over the 4 PoulDry drying tunnels.

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