AgroTrends March Edition - No. 29  2020

Let’s talk about pigs this time. VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of automatic pig feeding systems and we design, supply and build complete turnkey pig projects worldwide. We are more than happy to share with you in these Agrotrends:

  • The success story about our sustainable and feed efficient dispensers
  • State of the art project with De Heus in Vietnam
  • The introduction of our new colleague Jos Vlemminx
  • Upcoming exhibitions

Sustainable and feed efficient dispensers

The VDL dispensers are known for their their unrivalled accuracy and excellent quality for decades.

Together with our VDL600 tube feeding system, we offer very reliable and sustainable feeding systems for all types of pig farms.

Unrivalled accuracy
In a study we tested the VDL dispenser and 7 other dispensers offered in the market. We tested under favourable conditions, so high quality of feed and low vibration in the feedline. And under unfavourable conditions, pressure of feed on the dispenser during filling time, vibrations caused by the feeding line or by the sows.


  • External conditions have no effect on the efficiency of the VDL dispenser
  • VDL dispensers have a positive effect on the feed costs. This is a major advantage, taking into account that feed cost determine for a great part the cost price of the piglets.

“We are very satisfied with our dispensers of 30 years old and the latest generation dispensers.”

Maurice Voets, manager Heijderhoeve
3,800 sows

“We chose the VDL feeding system because we have had good experiences with it for years. It has always worked well and we are extremely satisfied with it”, says Maurice.

Watch the movie.

Mari Beniers, Product Manager at VDL Agrotech explains the latest new features of the VDL dispenser

The VDL dispensers are further developed recently.

  • New litre content, 4.5 and 6.5 litre
  • Long slim design with a very accurate scale
  • Light and central operation
  • Extra-large lockable cap
  • Stainless steel adjustment cable

Watch the movie in which Mari explains the novelties.

More and more breeder companies are opting for the
State of the art project with De Heus in Vietnam

Royal De Heus recently opened one of the most state of the art sow farms in Vietnam.

The preference of De Heus for VDL Agrotech was obvious for the design of this ultramodern GP Soc Trang pig farm. "The VDL Agrotech system is an animal-friendly system that guarantees animal welfare. In addition, as it is an automatic system, it also contributes to a reduction of labor costs," according Fred de Cocq, pig expert De Heus.

Read the full interview here.
Watch the movie here.

Let us present our new colleague Jos Vlemminx

Jos started as Sales Manager RescueCare™ and pig equipment on January 1st. Jos grew up on a closed pig farm with 350 sows, 1100 piglets and 2300 finishers (TN70 X PIC337). They have been using the RescueCare™ system at the pig farm since 2014 and have carried out various studies for various milk suppliers. He has gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the RescueCare™ system that he would like to share with you.

Contact details Jos:
Mobile: 0031 (0)6 82653067

Upcoming exhibitions


From 22 to 25 July
Ildex Vietnam 2020
At Ildex Vietnam you can meet Ido Spanjes, Area Sales Manager VDL Agrotech at the booth of our dealer Peja Vietnam. Ido has many years of experience in pig and poultry farming. He can share with you the latest developments of VDL Agrotech and tell you all about the solutions we can offer for professional farming. 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam • Stand JK13


From 31 August to 2 September
VIV MEA 2020
Meet our colleagues Brian van Hooff, General Manager VDL Agrotech and Antoine El Khoury, Area Sales Manager at VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi. They are more than happy to share with you our solutions and experiences for poultry farming in this region.
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E • Stand 07.B029


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