AgroTrends July Edition - No. 31  2020

The holiday season is about to start, we would like to wish all of you a sunny and pleasant summer break after a very unusual period the world has been going through so far during 2020. Relax, enjoy time with your loved ones and keep safe and healthy.

Due to current situation around Covid-19 VDL Agrotech have decided not participate in any exhibition until March 2021, taking into account the health and safety of all our relations and staff. Despite the restrictions and the global impact of Covid-19 we remain active supplying our equipment all over the world.

In this AgroTrends we wish to highlight some of the many projects supplied and installed.

Free-range layer farm in Réunion

“The results are excellent, the equipment is reliable, cleaning is less time consuming and the automation meets my needs”


Christophe Clain, producer of free-range eggs and supplier of “La Ferme du Chemin d’eau”(commercial franchise “Mâtines”) on the beautiful island of Réunion, opted for VDL Agrotech equipment for the free-range layer farm of 16 x 72 meters. The building offers housing to 8,100 layers. The living space meets all legal requirements regarding animal welfare. 

Christophe opted for Chainovation, the VDL chain feeding system, to feed the layers. This feeding system is made of high quality, durable material with an A-frame system which includes 3 perch tubes, resulting in a 17 cm of perching space per bird. This system complies perfectly with the European directives regarding the production of free-range eggs. The complete feeding system, the A-frame system with 3 perches and chain feeding system, is fully automatic winchable.


This offers several advantages:

  • It is labor-saving as the A-frames don’t have to be removed manually when cleaning the house
  • Cleaning and disinfection is much easier as the equipment can be winched to the ideal height
  • Less maintenance, as there is reduced risk of breakdown or technical failures since there is no need for disassembly or reassembly
  • Another technical advantage of the A-frames of VDL Agrotech is that the trough level can be adjusted in the A-frame support. For instance when the hens transfer from the rearing- to production house, the troughs can be set in the lowest position to make it easier for the hens to find the feed

Broiler project near Mount Olympus

Our dealer Anitec in Greece delivered a state-of-the-art broiler project consisting of 5 broiler houses with a capacity of 150.000 broilers.

The project is located near the historic Mount Olympus and is equipped with modern poultry technology including the Valenta feeding lines.

The Valenta broiler pan is specially designed for a better animal welfare. Broilers can easily reach the feed throughout the growing period. The low ridge allows easy access for one day old chicks and the open design prevents chicks from getting caught inside the feed pan.


We wish to thank Anitec for sharing the story, photos and for actively promoting VDL Agrotech.

Prevent reduced water absorption and spillage

The drinking water intake is of great importance for the health and performance of the hen, after all, a good water intake ensures a good feed intake. Supply of clean and good quality drinking water is of great importance, as well as an easy access for the hen.

Drinking behavior untrimmed hens

A hen with untrimmed beak drinks differently. They turn their heads and activate the nipple sideways. They have to make more effort to drink water and have an increased risk to spill water. As a result it may occur that they don’t drink enough water, because it takes the hens longer to drink the same amount of water.

Customized solution

The I-Flex 14-SP drinking nipple is adapted to the drinking behavior of these untrimmed laying hens.

  • The water delivery of this nipple is adapted to the water intake
  • The flow capacity is lower, which means that the nipple can also be activated sideways
  • The maneuverable trigger pin also allows them to activate the nipple from an angle
  • The nipple closes very well after activation by the hen, which minimizes spillage

In addition a one-armed drip cup is used from which the hens can drink any spilled water.

This nipple improves the hen’s ability to drink water more easily. Water spillage is minimized, which contributes to dry litter condition and this improves the animal health.

Summer holiday

In the coming weeks many of our colleagues will enjoy their summer vacation, due to which we will work with reduced or limited occupancy from week 30 to 33. Please keep this in mind.

Week 30 - Reduced capacity
Week 31 - Limited capacity

Week 32 - Limited capacity

Week 33 - Reduced capacity


After summer holiday’s we will be returning to normal full capacity. In case of questions or any additionally required information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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