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Flashback 2013

2013 has been a different year for our industry than the previous years. Where the industry has expanded worldwide in the previous years, 2013 was a year where investments in many parts of the world were delayed due to various reasons. The conversion of layer cages to alternative layer systems in Europe came to an end in 2013, the low egg prices in Europe have had a big impact on investments in the layer sector. In fact a slowdown after years of growth was to be expected. VDL Agrotech anticipated this to happen and we have had a satisfactory 2013, entering new markets and with the introduction of some new products. The outlook for 2014 is hard to predict, but we do expect many delayed investments to be made in 2014. Overall global consumption of poultry meat, eggs and porc meat continues to rise, for which houses need to be equipped. At the VIV Europe which will be held in May 2014 we will introduce some new products which contribute to our confidence that 2014 will be a good year for the industry.

We thank you all for the pleasant co-operation in 2013, and wish you and your families a very Merry X-Mas and a fantastic 2014.

Brian van Hooff
  Japfa Comfeed visits VDL
VDL Agrotech welcomed a VIP delegation from PT. Japfa Comfeed Tbk from Indonesia.

PT. Japfa Comfeed Tbk visited the VDL Agrotech head office in Eindhoven and experienced the broad production facilities of VDL Agrotech.

Product training at the showroom during the visit.

“We are honored to receive an industry leader such as Japfa Comfeed and this visit has strengthened our relationship ” said Sunny Sidhu, Area Manager Asia.

The Japfa delegation with Area Managers Sunny Sidhu and Bob Versleijen in front of the VDL head office.

During the visit, VDL Agrotech’s innovative solutions were demonstrated both in showroom and a breederfarm with revolutionary Matrix Male feeding, Chainovation chainfeeding  and Rotra Spinfeeding systems
  PoulDry Workshop Russia
The major Poultry farms in Leningrad region (Russia) visited the workshop and where interested in sustainable farming in an efficient way. Some of the farms are located in a very sensitive environment and would like to process their chicken manure. Some of the managers paid already a visit to the Netherlands where manure drying and processing is already more common.

Geert-jan Camps, Product Development Manager
of VDL Agrotech explains the benefits of the PoulDry.

The farms are supported by a special project team from Nefco (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation), the team in St. Petersburg is managed by Mr. David Pepper. The special Pouldry workshop was organized with VDL Agrotech and BHSL.

During the seminar a clear view on drying poultry manure was given. Also the further processing like the production of fertilizer pellets and incineration with thermal heat production was introduced.

The PoulDry presentation during the seminar.

Especially in a big country like Russia the reducing the logistic costs of the manure was an important issue. But also biosecurity improvements and reduction of ammonia emissions.

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  Open door days

Wednesday, November 20. The family Mts. Roseboom - van Luttikhuizen organized an open door day at their farm. They expanded their broilerbreeder farm with a capacity of 10500 birds. VDL Agrotech supplied the Chainovation feeding system for the females and the Matrix system for feeding the males. Supplied by our dealer Welgraven Bennekom b.v.

The Matrix system against the wall for feeding the male birds.

Friday, November 29. The family Van den Berg opened the doors to their new pig house with 11 compartments for 240 fatteners each in Overlangel (NB) Supplied by our dealer P&P Agrotechniek, who installed the newest Flex90 automatic outlet. The computer-controlled feeding system with our Flex90 augers is layed out for feeding the fatteners with weighed feed portions, for every 2 pens in a groups feeder.

The newest VDL Flex90 pneumatic outlets.

Friday, December 13. Family Hannen from Kessel (L) organized an open door day at their pigfarm to showcase the new pig house which holds a capacity of 4800 fatteners in 28,5 compartments. The feeding system consists of three identical VDL600 tube feeding systems which distributes 4 different types of feed every day. A computer controls the VDL600 automatic outlets to distribute each feedportion to the right compartments. After feeding every different type of feed the tubes are emptied in one of the 4 modules silos which is then used for the feeding cycle the following day. Supplied by our dealer Versleijen Agri BV.

VDL Module silos with Flex125 and VDL600 transport systems.

  60 years VDL Groep

In the beginning

On November the 1st in 1953, with the establishment of 'Metaalindustrie en Constructiewerkplaats P. van der Leegte', the foundation was laid for what is now VDL Groep (Van Der Leegte Groep). The company in Eindhoven was founded by Pieter van der Leegte senior, father of the current president/director and owner Wim van der Leegte. The first clients were Philips, the former employer of Pieter van der Leegte, and DAF Trucks. The work tasks of the first five employees consisted of turning, milling and drilling as well as punching, welding and soldering in series production.

First building in Eindhoven.

Household articles

In the early 1960s, Pieter van der Leegte began developing his own products: washing machines and oil heaters. In 1962, upon receiving a large order for Honda chain guards, the decision was made to move to Hapert. The order, however, turned out not to be as large as expected. Subsequently, new finished products were brought to market: stainless steel household articles such as bed warmers, egg cups, butter dishes, etc.

Pieter van der Leegte senior.

From father to son

For various reasons, Pieter van der Leegte had a burnout in the summer of 1966. Pieter’s oldest son, Wim van der Leegte, just 19 years old and studying at the technical college at the time, became involved in the company as a student on work placement.* Within three months he was running the company. In 1972 Wim assumed ownership of all his father's shares.

Production hall in Hapert.

Back to being a supplier

Because the production of stainless steel household articles in the Netherlands became increasingly difficult, in 1976 the company once again began concentrating on serving as a supplier. In 1977 an open management model with a non-hierarchical structure was introduced. The company ran so well with these new organizational changes that Wim van der Leegte sought a new challenge: assuming control of poorly operating companies. Consequently, in 1979, a first takeover served as the first step towards dynamic growth. The name of the parent company was changed to VD Leegte Metaal.

Rini Vermeulen, Wim van der Leegte, Wim Maathuis & Lau Pas.

Growth of VDL Groep

In 1984 the group consisted of five companies. A general management was formed, as well as a board of commissioners with Pieter van der Leegte as chairman. Sadly, the founder of VDL Groep passed away on 22 January 1991. In 1993, VDL Groep made its entry into the bus and coach world with the takeover of DAF Bus International. And with the takeover of production automation company Steelweld the finished products division was significantly expanded. In 1966 the group consisted of 20 companies, with 2,000 employees, and attained a turnover of 200 million euros. In the same year, the headquarters was opened in Eindhoven. The group continues to grow and two large takeovers follow in the bus and coach sector. In 1998 the Berkhof Jonckheere Groep was taken over as was BOVA in 2003. In November of that year there was a grand celebration of the VDL Groep's 50th anniversary. In 2006, Philips Enabling Technologies Group was taken over; this was the largest takeover in the VDL Groep’s history. The circle is complete: Pieter van der Leegte senior once began his career as a toolmaker at the company when it was still called Philips Machinefabrieken. In 2012, VDL Groep wins the prestigious King Willem I Prize in the category of 'Large enterprise'. With the acquisition of NedCar at the end of 2012 VDL is the only major automaker in the Netherlands. As an independent car manufacturer VDL Nedcar assembles cars for third parties.

Mr. Prof. dr. K.H.W. Knot, his royal highness Prince of Orange Willem-Alexander & Wim van der Leegte.

Ready for the future

Today VDL Groep is a trend-setter in the supplies sector, the only large automaker and bus manufacturer in the Netherlands and a producer of a whole range of finished products. The common thread found throughout is the combination of metal and technology. The enterprise began in 1953 with five employees and a modest turnover and grew to become a conglomerate of 82 operating companies, with more than 8,800 employees, and a turnover of 1,756 million euros in 2012. But even today, VDL Groep is a regular family company, in which the new generation - Wim van der Leegte's three children - prepare for the future.

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