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@groTrends February Edition

Welcome to the first VDL Agrotech @grotrends newsletter of this year! The highlighs of this new edition are: Al Bayyad Farms in Saudi Arabia, Project with Matrix in Czech Republic, Open door day at Theelen pig breeder farm.


   Al Bayyad Farms Saudi Arabia


Al Bayyad Farms is a greenfield project with totally 30 broiler breeder houses and 8 layer breeder houses. Each house is 100mX14m and is special designed for an all in all out system. The breeders stay in the same house during rearing and production stage, this give the highest level of biosecurity.
Al Bayyad Farms.

The houses are equipped with VDL Agrotech Silos, Flex Auger, Chain Feeding, Nipple Drinking and Diesel heating Systems including all control devices. It is situated at Al Kharj Area 150 Km from Riyadh.
Inside of one of the Broiler Breeder House.

The first phase of 8 broiler breeder houses where commissioned on the 20th of January 2014.The total capacity of the site is 61.600 Females and 6.160 males (10%). Per house 7700 females and 770 males.
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  Matrix in Czech Republic


Recently 'Schrom Farms' in Czech Republic started operation of their new broiler breeder house. The new house is equipped with the Matrix male feeding system.
Schrom Farms.

Each line has capacity for 500 males, 2 lines per house. The hopper is positioned in the middle which guarantees a good feed distribution. Mr Hornik, director of ‘Schrom Farms’ had visited farms with Matrix Systems installed in Poland and The Netherlands.

The excellent results in these farms convinced Mr. Hornik to install the Matrix system also in his breeder house. house. The building and equipment are supplied by VDL distributor Farmtec.


  Open door day


Friday, January 17. Pig breeder farm Theelen with 600 grandparent sows (Topigs) in Koningslust opened the doors to their new gilt development and fattener building. The building consists of 16 compartments with 16 pens for 12 gilts and boars, all together with a total capacity of 3.072 animals from wean to end weight.
VDL600 tubefeeding drive units.

The VDL Agrotech feeding system consists of 4 tubefeeding circuits with VDL600 pneumatic valves. Each penn has it's own feeder and valve. A dry feed computer is controlling the total process together with a VDL mix-weigher 180ltr. For each separate feeder the exact amount of feed and mixture is automatically prepared. This ensures that the rearing gilts are fed accurately to achieve the optimal conditions to grow into a productive breeder sow.
The VDL mix-weigher 180ltr.

For the fatteners (boars & seleceted sows) the computerized feeding also optimizes the growth and feed conversion rate. The equipment is supplied by our dealer Versleijen Agri BV.


  New exit on N2 highway


To reach VDL Agrotech has now become a lot easier. A new exit on the N2 highway in front of the VDL Agrotech office has recently been opened. Taking this exit saves a lot of time to reach our office & warehouse.
The A2 and N2.

The accessibility has increased between industrial zone "De Hurk" and the local district Meerhoven and as well as the circulation on the Noord-Brabantlaan and her surrounding roads.




Alp d'HuZes
VDL Agrotech will participate in the BIG Challenge cycle tour 2014 with the DPC- cycle team.

The BIG Challenge foundation stands for 'live stock farmers against cancer'.

On June 5th approximately 140 cyclists and runners, all somehow connected to live stock farming, will cycle or run as often as possible up and down the Alpe d'Huez mountain in France. By sponsoring their activity they collect as much as possible money to support cancer research. The Big Challenge cyclists and runners are a part of the almost 5.000 cyclists taking part in the Alpe d'HuZes event.

Take a look at for more info.



From 25 till 27 February, 2014
LIV Venray
Evenementenhal Venray, Venray, The Netherlands Hall 1, Booth 217

From 2 till 4 April, 2014
AgroWorld Uzbekistan
Uzexpocentre, Tashkent, Uzbeikistan Booth C44

From 20 to 22 May, 2014

VIV Europe 2014
Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands Hall 12, Booth A032

From 7 to 10 September, 2014

Saudi Agriculture 2014

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hall 2, Booth 715-2

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